Living Water Medical Centre & Outreach Programme

From small beginnings, Living Water now offers 24/7 medical support to the local community. This includes medical consultations, laboratory services, access to antenatal and maternity nurses, inpatient treatment, and a HIV centre.

The Medical Centre works on the principle that those who can afford to pay do pay but no one is turned away who cannot pay. At present this project is about 60% self supporting with the nbalace of costs being covered by Capstone Projects.There are currently 15 staff.

Several groups of medical practitioners from the UK have visited this project and spent time working as volunteers. The ideology is that the Ugandan team are responsible for managing services and the day to day running of the clinic. Volunteers from the UK regularly liaise in order to provide advice and guidance where needed.

The clinic also runs a Medical Outreach project which operates in 9 surrounding villages. This was in established in partnership with the local government hospital and the funding was provided by a supporter of Capstone. Up to 150 patients wait to be treated in one day on an Outreach visit, as this is the only opportunity that the villagers have to access medical treatment.

Over the past year HIV services have developed exponentially. The clinic is now licenced to provide free testing, treatment and counselling for HIV patients. As of August 2016, over 3,029 patients have been tested free of charge and there are currently 165 registered patients receiving regular care. We have been able to employ an extra member of staff to offering counselling to these patients thanks to a generous donation from Capstone Projects supporters.

Medical Elective

There is a medical elective program for medical students from the UK to experience various aspects of medicine within the clinic. This includes an opportunity to spend time in the local government hospital.

Activities involve consulting under supervision, managing in-patients, helping in the laboratory, and also working within the maternity unit. Whilst at the clinic, there is also the chance to take part in “Outreach” clinics. These weekly mobile clinics are taken on a rotating basis through rural village centres, churches, and homes around Lugazi. They offer the chance for students to gain experience in consulting, prescribing, as well as offering immunisations and healthcare education.

Kawolo Hospital is the local government hospital in Lugazi, and contains 4 main wards: male, female, paediatric, and maternity, each containing 24 beds. There is a vast range of pathologies and disease patterns within the wards, and equal opportunities to gain experience in medical and surgical disciplines.

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As of August 2016

36,283 patients have been treated

Up to 150 patients are seen on Outreach visits per week

165 patients are currently enrolled for free HIV treatment and counselling