Capstone Children’s Centre Success Stories Report – January 2017

The staff at the Centre wanted to share some success stories. To access the full report please click the link below.

Capstone Centre success strories – Jan 17

September to December 2015, extract from report from Drs Robert Waddington and Emma Livingstone

More friends of Capstone’s Dr Drew, Rob and Emma spent 4 months in Lugazi from from September to December 2015. On their return Rob and Emma shared a very comprehensive report on their activity and recommendations for future activity. The is small extract below gives a flavour of their experience.

‘Our four months spent in Uganda was a fantastic experience and something we are very thankful to be given the opportunity to undertake. We especially valued opportunity to get to know and form friendships with members of Pastor Sam’s family, the staff at Living Water and the Children’s Centre. We were truly inspired by Pastor Sam’s tireless work and dedication to the Church and Capstone projects.

We have tried to write something which will be a useful resource for those involved in Capstone Projects and for other health professionals wishing to spend time at Living Water Community Medical Centre. We hope that this report provides an insight as to the challenges and opportunities available for further development of the projects and enhancing benefits to the community of Lugazi.

In addition to working with the clinic we also undertook a programme of community health education and assisted with renovation of the Capstone Children’s Centre.

One attraction to working with Capstone projects was its emphasis on locally run and managed projects. We found that this created a sense of local ownership, which was an essential part of developing successful projects. The approach we used therefore was to work closely with staff to identify their ideas, concerns and aspirations for the projects and identify areas where we could be of assistance.’

February to April 2014, Drs Gordon and Razeen Smith’s visit to Lugazi

Friends of Capstone’s Dr Drew had an extended visit to Lugazi from 28th February to 28th April 2014. Gordon and Raz had specific objectives to support the Living Water Clinic. These were related to the establishment and development of the new HIV service. No Capstone supporters can visit Lugazi without getting involved with the children in the Capstone Centre,  and  this includes Gordon and Raz. A very detailed report was prepared at the end of the visit to document work progressed  and to outline activity required by the next visiting Doctors. This report was very much appreciated by the Capstone directors.

Gordon and Raz also wrote a weekly blog of their visit. This is a great read and previous visitors are guaranteed to find something in the blog that will resonate with them. It also provides great insight for potential visitors. You can access the blog here

Drew’s Residency 2013

One of our directors, Drew Greer, is a Doctor and has been a major influence in the success of the medical centre in Lugazi. He has visited the project many times but always felt a longer stay would allow him to develop the service further. In March this year he traveled out for what will be a four and a half month stay in Lugazi, living and working in the community every day.
He will look to start basic dental services at the clinic, with the hope of employing a part time dentist when he leaves. Drew will also be looking to expand the pharmacy facility, dispensing drugs not just to patients but also to other local clinics.
Drew’s diary and full details of his plans during his stay can be read on the website.