The 5×4=20 Challenge

Inspired by their trip to Uganda, Lynne and Ally have challenged a group of Capstone supporters to join them in an exciting new way to raise money for those who really need it. The challenge is called the 5×4=20 challenge (this isn’t a challenge to re-learn the 4 times table….honest!). The group have pledged to walk, run or cycle 5k every day (including Christmas day!) for 4 months with the aim of losing at least 20 stone between them. As enthusiasm for the challenge has grown Lynne and Ally have had people asking if they could just ‘do the weight loss bit’ (‘the dodgy knees couldn’t cope’) or ‘the fitness bit’ (mostly this was people who were interested in improving their fitness but where within their healthy weight range). Because they want to open the challenge to as many people as possible they have created options for the ‘enthusiastic exercisers’ (who pledge to do the fitness element of the challenge) and the ‘delightful dieters’ (who pledge to lose 2 stone over 4 months). The start date for this challenge will be 1/10/12 and end on 31/1/13. They will keep the website updated over the next few months with the groups progress so watch this space.

Challengers so far include Lynne Thomas, Ally Calder, Lorraine and Martin Reid, Emma Balfour, Carrie Sykes, Carol Summer, Andrew Stott, Meggan Jameson, Leah Hutcheon, Tina Airlie, Avril Clark, Caroline Earnshaw, Robert Smith, Paul Knott, Sam Pooley, Melanie Graham, Kevin Tod, Julie McLean, Vicky Anderson and Amanda Harkness.